Rolling Shutters (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
Single skin, Aluminium & Galvanized Rolling shutters

SINGLE SKIN Aluminium Perforated - Model ANA80-1


Curtain – Interlocking slats

Aluminium – 77 / 80mm x 1.2mm wall thickness

Individual Rolled formed sections are interlocked together to form the door curtain. The slats are concave or flat in shape and are held together by end-locks secured by steel rivets. Shutter curtain powder coated to any standard RAL color, on both sides to any standard colour. Special non-standard colors at additional costs.

Bottom rail

The ‘T’ Shaped, ‘L’shaped or Rectangular, bottom rail shall be Aluminium extruded, and interlocked to slats, Rubber weather-seal included.

Guide Channels

Guide channels are manufactured from Aluminium extruded profile, and formed to suit curtain depth and working clearance. The guide channels shall be securely fixed to the walls at intervals not greater than 750mm by masonry anchors and/or by welding to steel work construction. Guides to be powder coated /spray painted/unpainted depending on the requirements.

Wind locks can be provided two withstand wind pressure in heavy wind areas for very large openings.

Roller drum

The roller drums for side-mounted motors shall consist of a seamless cylindrical tube, 101/130 x 4mm wall thickness and designed to give minimum deflection over the door span. For centrally mounted motors, a spring balanced shaft would be used.

For Manual push up operated shutters, or Manual chain operated rolling shutters, 60mm galvanized shaft pipes would be used with Italian couplings and springs.

Drum wall support brackets:

The roller drum wall support brackets shall be manufactured from mild steel plates, according to site requirements.

Nylon end clips:

Nylon end clips are used to stop lateral movement of the curtain and to provide smooth operation.


Central motors are of French make. We have standard operation motors, medium operation to high cycle motors. The motors carry a guarantee of One year for any technical defect.


The curtain and guides shall be powder coated to any standard color.