Rolling Shutters (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
Micro-Perforated (Galvanized & Aluminium)

Micro-Perforated Security Rolling Shutters

Locally manufactured, Micro-perforated, slat profile, security-rolling shutters are ideal where a high degree of security is required while still maintaining vision.

These shutters are used mainly in Shopping malls, Showrooms, Banks etc. These shutters give virtually the same protection and security as a solid closed type shutter but with vision. When shop/showrooms or window displays are illuminated with shutters in closed position an amazing degree of vision is permitted.


Curtain – Interlocking slats

Series 105mm x 3mm perforations x 0.8 or 1.0mm thick. (Flat slats)

Bottom rail

The ‘L’ shaped bottom rail shall be manufactured (Roll formed) from 2mm thick, galvanized strips, interlocking slats.

Guide rails (channels)

Guide channels are manufactured from roll formed galvanized steel, and formed to suit curtain depth and working clearance. The guide channels shall be securely fixed to the walls at intervals not greater than 750mm by masonry anchors and/or by welding to steel work construction.

Size of guide channels depends on the width of the openings.

55mm x 35mm x 2mm for upto 5500mm openings and 78mm x 35mm x 2mm for over 5500mm openings.

Roller drum

The roller drums for side mounted motors shall consist of a seamless cylindrical tube, 130 x 4mm wall thickness, or selected according to the size of the opening, and designed to give minimum deflection over the door span.

For centrally mounted motors, a spring balance shaft would be used.


Curtain in powder coated finish to any standard colour.


Side mounted or centrally mounted motors would be used, depending on the site requirements, weight of the shutter, clearance available etc.

U.K. make, or German make side mounted motors are recommended, When BMS system is being used.


Two side locks would be supplied and fixed with each rolling shutter, for additional safety. ( Not usually supplied with Electrically operated rolling shutters)

Key-switches/Push button switches:

French or Italian make key-switches would be used for centrally mounted motors, with in-built declutching system for manual operation of rolling shutters incase of power failure.

For side mounted motors, with manual chain override system, the push button switches would be concealed in an openable key box.

For U.K. and German motors, a three way push button switch would be used.